Macel emerged in 1960, as a pioneer in the hydraulic pavement sector, starting its activity with manual presses, in the production of mosaics in 20×20, in the most varied patterns. Well connected in Aguada de Cima, Águeda, (Portugal) they occupy a total covered area of about 10,000 m2 and an uncovered area of 60,000 m2.

Macel, paying special dedication to technological advances, guarantees products capable of satisfying the required technical requirements and the most modern concepts of architecture. Thus, the modern technology applied to the production process guarantees a high caliber and square precision in all parts, making the most of the workmanship in the application.

They currently produce a wide range of floors, as well as borders for swimming pools, stairs, supports, decorative images, among others. Due to the reduced thickness of some of its products, transport costs are optimized.

The rigorous process of vibrating, pressing and calibrating its pavements that facilitate the work of installers is outstanding.

With the strategic mission of ensuring the quality of its products, Macel has implemented a strict system of management, monitoring and quality control in raw materials, final product, and all stages of its production process, ensuring the levels of quality required by its customers.

FERSAMAC is authorized to market its products in certain areas of Spain. Contact us for more details.

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