To Spain

If you have factories abroad and you are interested in entering Spain or Portugal immediately do not hesitate to contact FERSAMAC.

We are open to new collaborations that add value to our broad portfolio of clients in the building materials sector.

If you wish, we can contact our current suppliers and customers with whom you can confirm that FERSAMAC is a proven and safe value in whom to bet for future representations.

From Spain

FERSAMAC has the ability to help you in the commercial activities you want to carry out abroad, either with its own resources (very strong in Portugal) or with the international collaborators with whom it has contacts.

Contact us and we will tell you with total honesty if we can help you introduce your brand / products in the country you want in the short, medium or long term

What do you need?

Always looking for the best alternative for our customers, contact us if you have any questions about the brands we work with or need professional advice.Contact