Market research

FERSAMAC can help you deepen your knowledge of the construction materials market in an area (whether you already have a presence or not), being able to provide information on:
To do this, FERSAMAC carries out research work in the field, extracting the “face to face” information from the main market players and focusing on what is really important for your company.

What do you need?

Always looking for the best alternative for our customers, contact us if you have any questions about the brands we work with or need professional advice.


Strategic consulting

We already know that you are the one who knows your business best, but periodically it is important that you have a different vision than you do day to day.

And what better than that way of standing and seeing things from a strategic point of view comes through the contact and collaboration of trusted people, highly qualified and experienced to help you focus on what is really important, leaving aside the urgent (which demands so much time).

With the main indicators of your business and after a deep analysis of these we will establish together strategies, objectives and future actions to try to improve, among others, the operating margins, the distribution chain of your products, the satisfaction of your customers, the positioning of the brand, and the commercial and operational processes


Think about how good it is to have a second opinion before making the big strategic decisions, those that you often have no one to share with and that take away your sleep, for example, before processes of expansion, restructuring, digital transformation or any other major change.

In addition, our collaboration not only remains in recommending actions as any consultant does to use, but we go further accompanying you in the implementation of improvement proposals and monitoring compliance with the agreed objectives..

Data analysis

In an environment as changing as the current one in which everything happens very quickly every time we need to have before and in depth reliable data that are easily manageable, but many times despite having a lot of information we do not get to have what we need at the time we want.

FERSAMAC can help you squeeze the information you have to transform this weakness into a competitive advantage, combining its knowledge of the construction materials sector with that of digital technologies and tools such as:

  • Business Intelligence, BIG DATA, artificial intelligence.
  • The use of CRM: Customer Relationship Management y se refiere al conjunto de prácticas, estrategias de negocio y tecnologías enfocadas en la relación con el cliente.
  • The use of ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning, which means “enterprise resource planning system”. These programs take care of different internal operations of a company, from production, sales, purchasing, to distribution or even human resources.
  • Digital marketing.

From a practical point of view we can help you, for example, to create balanced dashboards that allow you to direct your company as the pilot handles his plane, looking at a few indicators that are constantly updated.

So you can know almost in real time when a customer stops buying a certain product, when the cost of a product or a factory skyrockets, when the margin of a certain reference or range drops, what is the average transport cost per product / container / destination, which of your commercials has better results, etc.

Materials prescription

We will help you define the segments of designers with the best chance of success in the area. Also if you prefer we can do the commercial technical work aimed at your products being prescribed.

We will work with you to find the best approach to address future prescribers; architecture and engineering studies, administration, construction warehouses, among others.