At Recer, they pride themselves on their experience as specialists in ceramic flooring and coatings since 1977. In their factory in the heart of Portugal they produce materials for beautiful, functional and eternal environments.

Always advancing and improving, with a DNA focused on investing in new technologies, design and innovation to discover pioneering solutions, they have managed to offer us more than 140 collections for all styles.

Among its products / series are:

  • The PROJECT SERIES; monochrome product in small formats suitable for both floors and walls indoors and / or outdoors.
  • Flooring in 33×33 in different surface finishes.

RECER is present in the world, exports to more than 60 countries, always present in international competitions, fairs, etc. Growth, expansion, strength and dynamism remain the main reasons for its success.

Quality control in manufacturing, and environmental sustainability are also two fundamental pillars that have awarded this company various quality certificates in recognition of its work. Recer is a pioneer in the application of “Lean Production” concepts and is periodically audited by independent entities that certify its management.

FERSAMAC is authorized to market its products in certain areas of Spain. Contact us for more details.

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