CEMEX, a Mexican multinational with more than 41,000 employees dedicated to the construction industry, offering its products and services to customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Among the products that CEMEX manufactures and markets in addition to cement there is a wide range of cementitious mortars, among which are:

  • CEMEX TILE adhesive mortars for laying tiles of any size and on any surface.
  • CEMEX LEVEL self-leveling mortars, for the realization of soil regrowths prior to the placement of any type of pavements, as well as for the realization of continuous pavements.
  • CEMEX PROYEC and its range of CEMEX coating mortars. With a high performance in plaster and plastering works, especially in those that require a good finish.

FERSAMAC is authorized to market its products in certain areas of Spain. Contact us for more details.

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